Lovely Morning Today

Hello my kind readers.

First of all I would like to say, how nice your comments are. Reading them makes me 1% less hungry and 50% happier.

Well that was long, but lastly I would like to remind you all that my translations may not be the most accurate of them all, but I do try my best.

If you ever feel that some improvements might be in order, don’t hold back in telling me so. But most importantly, when pointing out my errors, please be constructive. For me, for you, and for world peace.

Have a good day,


Lovely Morning Today

27 thoughts on “Lovely Morning Today

  1. There’s not much to complain about in your translation, without looking at the raws it still delivers that distinct “japanese webnovel” feeling confirming that you didn’t rewrite it into a fanfic. So consider yourself 100% happier now that you have a 2nd comment 😛

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  2. winterice says:

    Your translations are honestly fine, or even very cute and nice. As Scarlet Flames said, one can easily tell that the story was Japanese in descent. I would argue that it doesn’t have a “webnovel” feel, if webnovels are, as a judgement, interpreted as rushed/unpolished, because your translation is quite smooth. PLEASE FEED ME MORE OF THE GOLDEN KITTEN DEMON YESSSSSS

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    1. Oh, I didn’t mean for that meaning xD
      I meant that webnovels (at least the ones I tend to read) attempt a different approach on existing genres and tropes. Which is the main appeal point or me, because reading the same novel again and again with the only difference being character names isn’t very appealing to me…

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      1. winterice says:

        Oh. Do you mean for Japanese Webnovels, as opposed to light novels/serials? That matches my experience with Japanese Webnovels (thought it is somewhat reversed for Western/English web novels versus novels). Variation is a source of appeal for me, too.

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    2. You may want to read Pact by Wildbow, it’s the most unique and awesome reading experience I had with webnovels! It is a western webnovel and (obviously) was written in english so the sentence composition is really good, the story is one of the most mindfucking stories I have ever read as well, Tate no Yuusha looks like MLP next to Pact.

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      1. winterice says:

        I have. Tbh I preferred worm, the first series wildbow wrote. I feel it had better characterization, mostly because the superhero trope is kind of based around teams and long-lasting antagonists, so you just got to know characters a lot better and a lot more in depth. Pact had a ton of mindfucking, as you said, but that disrupted any chance of developing characters. Even the MC was bland ~half the time, and the style was too much like Worm. Plus, the entire time I was reading Pact I was thinking of similar RPG systems and ways to adapt them to fit the story. Have you read other western web novels, like Set in Stone, Price, Twisted Cogs, The Last Angel, and – if you’re fine with m/m romances – anything written by aggybird? Do you have any other fics to recommend?

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  3. Hey megacarp, it’s been half a year since you’ve made this post, and you haven’t surfaced from the water since your comment about starting work again! Because of this, my friend is going to continue the translation of this series beginning Wednesday on Moon Bunny Cafe. Since I made that website in hopes of having a little library-like website (and the fact that I’m not sure if you are ever going to return), I will be hosting your chapter 1-5 there for easy readability for the readers with due credit. I hope you don’t mind! If you do, feel free to contact me and I am more than willing to take down your chapters.

    Hope things are still going well for you at work!


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  4. Oh my, aren’t you sweet? Even though you’ve stopped translating I hope you still read the comments sometimes and they still make you happy. And I hope you didn’t stop due to anything bad happening! Be healthy, thanks for the work.


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