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Lovely Morning Today

Tale of a Gentle Demon Chapter 2

Read Chapter 2

Novel title has been revised, changed Gentle Demon to Lax Demon.

Warning: For those who are allergic to furry, there is mild furry in this chapter. Nothing extreme or particularly romantic though.

Warning: For some readers, me for starters, this chapter may contain some confusing concepts/elements.

Warning: This chapter contains the excessive use of the term “mofumofu”. Refer here for explanation on the term.

Tale of a Gentle Demon Chapter 2

Mofumofu Term Explanation

JP Term – Mofumofu –
This term was popping up too much so I threw in the towel and googled it.

The term mofumofu originates from anime and comics.
It is the combination of an adjective and verb, probably.
It is a way to express that an animal appears adorable and fluffy/tufty.
At the same time the word expresses the desire to caress/pet/tightly hug the aforementioned animal.

To sum up, saying I want to mofumofu your angora rabbit, is basically you saying that said angora bunny rabbit is awfully cute and that you want to pet/hug/love it very much.

The source of this information was found at

Japan, the future of tomorrow,
taking slang to new heights.

-End of research notes

Mofumofu Term Explanation